You did all the right things: Great résumé, smooth interview, negotiated a higher starting salary. You start your new career like a rock star, but your excitement fades fast. Here are 7 behaviors to get you fired sooner than later.

Don’t let these 7 behaviors wreck your career.

  1. Negative attitude. A toxic attitude can and will get you fired in an instant. I always tell my daughters that attitudes are contagious, both good and bad. A bad attitude can poison any business and employers will not tolerate it. For example, you complain to everyone about your pay increase. Two comments here: If you need to get something off your chest, call a meeting and discuss it privately. Secondly, never discuss your compensation package with colleagues. Everyone is hired based their own qualifications and experience.

    7 Behaviors to Get You Fired Now
  2. Does not work well with others. Regardless of the size of your team, aim to work as a cohesive unit. You can disagree on certain things or have a difference in opinion, but express it in a professional manner. If time after time you hate working with others, you could be in the wrong role. And that’s a totally different conversation.

  3. Not performing. All industries have deadlines. There are industries with critical deadlines (think trial attorney or CPA) but all industries set deadlines. Deadlines are given for a reason. For instance, a project could be promised to a client or a deadline could be tied to revenue. Missed deadlines and slow production on a regular basis will get you noticed, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Love what you do and do it well.

  4. Substandard work quality. Do you ever watch Undercover Boss? I love that show. In one episode a girl hated her job, didn’t care about the work or the customers. Why work? Unless you have a significant family inheritance or win the lottery on your 18th birthday, you will work at some point in your adult life. Love what you do and take pride in it. Poor work quality will get you nowhere except the unemployment line. By the way…that girl on Undercover Boss was fired at the end of the show.

    One behavior to get you fired is to always blame someone else.

  5. Never accepting responsibility. If a project goes wrong or you’ve made a mistake, how do handle it? Are you quick to point a finger? Never acknowledging your mistakes is unprofessional and a reflection on your character. Own up to your mistake and bring it to management with possible solutions. Ignoring or covering up a mistake will only make matters worse.
  6. Different behavior than interview. You dazzled everyone during your interview and got the job. Sadly, you are nothing like you were during your interview. Guess what? They’re on to you. I recently heard the saying “hire slow, fire fast”. Employers may get tricked into hiring you, but they will not spend their time and money on someone that is not going to work out long-term. Here are three great examples: You said you are a great team player, but do not enjoy working with others. Secondly, you bragged about your great attention to detail, but honestly prefer to focus on the big picture. Finally, you stated your commitment to extra hours and overtime to get the job done, but arrive late and leave early most days.
  7. Failure to launch. Your new job will have a learning curve. If you haven’t mastered basic tasks three to six months after training, this could be a red flag. Trust your intuition. Ask for guidance. Devote time and energy to learning your job.  

Don’t let these behaviors wreck your career. If you are ready to make a move, do it. Change can be scary, but you will never know if you don’t try.